Frequently asked questions

Are You COVID - 19 Secure?

Yes we are. We have done a complete risk assessment and made sure we are doing everything we can to stay safe whilst delivering a high standard of teaching. All teachers have been trained and certified in prevent COVID-19 and hold First Aid Certificates. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND CLASSES IF YOU FEEL UNWELL.

Has the timetable changed?

Classes will be returning to our NEW studio timetable, however teachers will clean equipment and surfaces between classes and will make sure students have time to wash their hands. Please check out our timetable on our website, facebook page or parents group as there have been some slight time changes and NEW days added

How will drop off and collection work?

* There will be a clearly marked system to follow for entrances and exits. * A member of staff will invite students into the buildings prior to the class to supervise washing hands/sanitising and going to the studio. * Parents will need to wait outside of the studio for collection or in their cars. NO parents/guardians are allowed to wait inside the studio. Please keep to social distancing at pick up times. * We will invite the next scheduled class in to wash/sanitise hands and go into the studio. It may be a little time consuming to start with but once we get used to it, it should become smoother. * Adult students can enter the building 5 mins before their class time to wash/sanitise hands and be ready to start. *Pre School Classes - we are inviting 1 adult per child for Pre school classes. No siblings will be able to be present but the parent can then work with their child as the teacher will need to social distance. You will have so much fun and the children will LOVE having you there! * Children aged 4/5 years and above who attend school will need to come into class unattended. Our teachers and assistants will be there to help and it is worth chatting with your child about how it will work as it is different! Bronia will be sending an email and video with instructions so please make sure you and your child have watched this and understand how it will work. We know this will take some getting used to, but we know that Team BPDC will work together to keep one another and other people at the studio safe.

What Can I Bring To Class?

Please arrive at class ready to go! BPDC Uniform, A BPDC onesie, BPDC Tshirt/Hoody and Leggings to wear over class uniform along with a bottle of water (NAMED) and your hair tied up correctly for class. Dancers must have CLEAN dance shoes to dance in. This includes pop class. (please don't wear muddy trainers to class!) Acro students MUST have their own mat and block. Do not bring in anything you don’t need for class! Masks are required to enter and leave the building but not in class as we will be social distancing. Please make sure you have watched the back to studio video.

When Does Term Start?

We start term on Monday 14th September 2020. Half Term is October 26th - Nov 1st Term recomences on 2nd Nov - 19th Dec 2020 Monday 14th : Festival class, Tuesday 15th: Junior Ballet, Lyrical, Acro and Adult Beginners ballet and Stretch and Flex, Thursday 17th : Mini Ballet, Mini Lyrical, Inter Ballet, Lyrical and Acro, Adult Intermediate Ballet and Adult Intermediate Lyrical, Saturday 19th: Mini, Junior and Inter Pop classes. Please check the timetable for studio allocation and watch the back to studio video to understand how to enter and exit.

What Ages Do You Provide Class For?

We offer a range of classes for 3 years old - 102 year olds!

Do You Offer Trial Classes?

We offer a FREE trial class for all of our childrens classes. These must be booked so please make sure you have clicked our trial booking button. Adult classes : Your first class must be paid for BEFORE you come to class, then if you decide to join us we ask that you pay in a blcok payment of either two half term installments or one full term, depending on what works best for you. When we return to the studio invoices will be sent in TWO half term installments. Once we have settled back into studio life invoices will then be sent for the full term, however payment can still be paid in two half termly installments or a payment plan if needed.

How do I know which class to book a trial for?

All our classes have a guideline for ages, however if we feel a student needs to be moved up this will be done at the teachers discretion. Our age guidelines are as follows: Pre School - 2.5 - 4 yrs Mini - 4 - 6 yrs Junior - 7 - 10yrs Inters : 11yrs + Festival Class - All ages and open to all BPDC studnets that wish to take part in competitions. ADULT - 18 yrs +

How do I book a trial

All the classes that offer a trial will be available on our booking system. *Please note some classes may be full so you will be placed on the waiting list or offered an alternative where possible Our booking link is :

What should I wear to my trial class?

For you to have the best experience at BPDCompany we recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and suitable for your chosen class. A t-shirt and leggings/trackies and soft shoes for ballet and lyrical. If you are trialling Acro class you must have a pair of grippy socks or dance socks (with grip). For Commercial Pop we would suggest a clean pair of trainers.

Is there a uniform for class?

Our students are proud to be a part of Team BPDC and take great care of their appearance. Our uniform has been selected to look smart, facilitate learning with minimal distraction and keep the students safe. All information about what to wear in class can be found on our UNIFORM page

Where can I buy uniform from?

We have an online SHOP for our branded items. You can find the link on our UNIFORM page. For leoatrds, tights and shoes please visit Dancia International in Caversham where the ladies will be more than happy to help. They stock our uniform and have our uniform list which can also be found on the UNIFORM page.

Do you offer exams?

Here at BPDC we are all about Passion without the Pressure. Therefore we offer students the opportunity to take exams IF they wish to take them. We do offer British Theatre Dance Association examinations in Ballet, Lyrical and Acro. The exams offer a wonderful opportunity for the students to work towards and gain confidence when they receive their certificates and medals. However please remember that these are not compulsory.

What is watching week?

Towards the end of each term we invite the parents, family and friends into watch class to see what we have been learning. It's a great opportunity for the students to perform to an audience in preparation for our annual show which is always a highlight of the year!

My child has additional needs, can they take part in class?

Absolutely! Here at BPDCompany we are a TEAM and we belive that dance is for everyone. We are an inclusive dance school and do our best to work with parents and students to give everyone a chance to perform and progress. We discuss with every individual their particular needs in order to participate safely and so they get the best out of the whole experience. We have worked with many children with with ADHD, Asperger’s, ASD, OD and a variety of medical conditions and in our caring and inclusive environment they are thriving in classes.

Can I talk to someone about joining?

Yes you can call on 07970 747259. We are very often in classes teaching so you may find you get the answerphone. We will get back to you as soon as we can and suggest popping an email over to